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Here we go again. Another book about hair, hair and ….. hair. You know I don’t like.. oh… what? Say again? It’s about curly and kinky hair? Really….hmmmm. Written by who? And it is inspiring, hysterical as well as  hilarious and touching?  With a lot of interviews?

A few weeks ago I came across this interesting book named “Little black hair book”. First of all, this book ain’t that little. And black it is. Alright, let’s check it out!

‘Curly kinky hair is celebrated in its diversity. And it is about time!’

Janice Deul (left) and Sandra Sprott (right) decided it was time to write a book about the relationship between curly hair and beauty. They interviewed several black hair personalities and hair care professionals who were so kind enough to  express their frustrations, fascination and also shared their personal hair secrets with them.

Extra Extra – Read all about It!

Janice Deul (journalist, fashion activist at Diversity Rules and author of “little black hair book”) – with this book we document the development of black hair and beauty and hope to see more diversity in the land of fashion. This book is a celebration of black hair and beauty. In all its variety.

“I am tired (as in exhausted) of seeing all these beautiful, but oh so very white and very blond models on the cover of every magazine. It seems like there is a taboo on curly and/or kinky hair in beauty wonderland”.

Sandra Sprott (producer and author of “little black hair book) – As long as I can remember I am fascinated by, obsessed but also frustrated with  my hair. Because I wanted to share my knowledge about hair and hairproducts, I came up with the idea of writing a book.

Sandra has her own blog:

‘ Imagine Michelle Obama going natural. What a statement!’

Diana Matroos (tv presenter) – When my mother was pregnant of me, my Surinamese family told her: “your children will be perfect”. (They meant: with a lighter skin and soft hair). Diana has a black father and a white mother.

‘This mohawk also works fine on European hair’

Kimberly Willems (fashionproducer and model) – As a model I am aware of the fact that I have some influence to change the way people think of beauty and glamour.

‘I rocked every look on this planet’

Maureen Tardy (model and stylist) – I don’t have a hair ritual. I know what I should do, but my working schedule is too tight. So I only use a conditioner and leave-in conditioner after washing my hair. But I am always open to try new hairproducts.

Sabrina Starke (singer/songwriter) – I love to experiment with my hair. I know now where I stand in life. I express myself with my hair styles.


Do you want to read the full stories? This hair and lifestyle changing book is available at or for only € 22,95. Have fun! I know I did.

Don’t go for second best baby
Put your hair to the test
You know, you know, you’ve got to
Make your hair express how it feels
And maybe then you’ll know the love for your hair is real.

Express yourself

Photography by Martika de Sanders

Photography by Bebe Rose

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